Huthsteiner Ancestry Info and Correspondence from Josef Hutstein

A distant relative, Josef Hutstein, has been researching 'Hutstein/Huthsteiner/Hutsteiner' surnames for quite some time. We are working together to correct records in cases where we can identify incorrect information. He has also provided a wealth of interesting ancestry information via emails.


June 10, 2006

From: Josef Hutstein

Hello Ted,


My status about our family name is following (Hutstein = Huthsteiner = Hutsteiner)


There are at least 3 different major lines of Hutsteiners in Germany, which probably are NOT related to each other despite that our name is found quite rarely:


Let's call it the Siegen-line: I found lot's of info on the internet.

Another line occurred in the German state of Sachsen, around city of Zwickau in 1700. Main source:

And another line - mine - around the city of Passau, Bavaria. Some of them are Bavarians (Germans); others are Austrians.


A minor Hutstein-line occurs around 1820 in Bristol, England, but no relation to the major ones found. Interesting thing: they were Catholics like all my relatives, all other lines obviously not.


Also found some Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Poland in passenger lists to the US, but this could be also Gutstein family, which in fact has quite a lot of members in eastern Europe (transliteration problem !).


My family line (Hutstein, we lost the -er around 1820) I'm able to trace back to 1650, but no relation to your line found. (BTW:  some years ago one of my family line members married someone in Siegen. So, now there are two different H-lines in this state :-)


One question: Is the family name Ascheubach confirmed ? Acc. my records it should be Marie Caroline Achenbach ?

Reply from Ted :As far as the 'Ascheubach' name, that's what was in my father's records and it is consistent with Caroline Ascheubach and Edward Huthsteiner records I found on I'm anxious to search further using the alternate names you provided.


Around 1815, there has been at least one Huthsteiner in France, probably coming from Your line / Siegen. (But pls note: Hutsteiner is definitely a German name, not a French one).  I'm trying currently to get more info about him.


Your first "Edward" - German EDUARD, complete name was Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner, was probably a son of Georg Friedrich Huthsteiner, who was related to Mariane Louise Marie Farny. Farny is quite likely a French name.

But that's speculation as I still did not travel to Mainz for visiting the church archives there and confirm my assumptions.


So, now I'm going to study Your site and update my database. :-)  


Best regards



June 11, 2006

Hello Ted,


I'm just a little bit wondering about our "Hugenotten" (German).

The "Elsass" and "Lothringen" (today part of France, called Alsace and Lorraine) is/was mainly populated by Germans.  Many of them came from Austria as it was owned by Austrian dukes - and quite likely there had been also some other religious groups beside Catholics as they had to flee from their mother country Austria.


Thus it would be possible, that some descendants of my Hutsteiners (they originated in a place near Passau called Hutstein, which is now 300 meters behind the border already in Austrian territory) moved to these states. Later his descendants moved to Siegen and then to US. That's only an idea.


I'm wondering whether it would be possible to find evidence for or against this theory.

Quite sure it'll take several years of investigations. But anyhow, it's an interesting fact.


Additionally there is a minor Hutstein line around Stuttgart, which I did not analyze up to now. Could be possible to close the circle there. A very interesting task for my future research.


By the way: How do You pronounce You surname ? In German it's like  "hoot-stine", translated it means hat-stone.

The ending -er was just to show either

a) the person originates at a place called Hutstein or

b) his occupation is doing "Hutstein" (has probably nothing to do with hats, but making stones which e.g. formerly marked the border line between properties).

For my line, definitely a) is the origin.





Reply from Ted : As far as pronunciation, here in the US, a lot of people fumble with the 'th', so I've always pronounced my own name as Hut-steiner (as opposed to' huth', 'hoot', or 'hooth') to make it simpler to say or remember. I've never had a relative insist on a 'correct' pronunciation for it, but I would imagine there are various  pronunciations in use.


June 12, 2006

Thanks a lot, Ted.


At some places in the family tree graphic, you'll see "Vermutung" which is German 'estimation'. At that point in my database there is simply a marker that I've to research here again.


I'll also do a research for Ascheubach again, but I'm quite sure it'll be Achenbach. Close to the city of Siegen there is also a village called Achenbach. I'm wondering whether her ancestors came from Achenbach - then she would have been known as Achenbacher - or somebody mixed here surname and former residence during immigration registration ? We'll see.


Of course, as a native German speaker I see possible mistakes earlier e.g. in transliterations which are probably not known to English speaking people. I also hope that I'm able to visit the archive with original church records in Mainz or Limburg let's say within next 12 months or so.


(btw: is quite an un-reliable source of information, as there are a lot of transliteration mistakes. Also the volunteers at familysearch do not know the origin of their records obviously and place individuals all across Germany. As we have a lot of villages which have identical names this is a source of mistakes and frustration.)


Best regards,



June 13, 2006

Reply from Ted :


From a letter written by E.G. Huthsteiner (who must have been Eugene Gustave Huthsteiner), I was under the assumption that Edward & Caroline (Georg Friedrich Eduard & Marie Caroline) only had 3 children (E.G.'s father-Gustave, a brother named Louis, and a sister named Helen/Helene). After referring back to the letter, I noticed he qualified his Uncle Louis and Aunt Helen as the only LIVING relatives at the time of his letter. Therefore, it looks like all of the children listed in your family tree are credible.


The E.G Huthsteiner family letter and an autobiography transcript by my grandfather (Louis, b. 1892, Tell City) indicate Edward & Caroline migrated to US around 1848. However, if your records are accurate with additional children all born in Germany up to 1861, and then Louis E., b. 1864, Ohio, it looks like their migration date was more accurately between 1861 and 1864.


Since you're native to Germany, I consider you the authority for interpreting Huthsteiner ancestry records. I'm sure that Ascheubach/Achenbach/Achenbacher are all related surnames in the same manner that you determined that Hutstein/Huthsteiner/Hutsteiner are related surnames.


June 13, 2006

Hi Ted,


Some of your Huthsteiner's may be related to a couple of my Hutsteiner line from Bavaria who emigrated beginning of the 20th century and went to Wisconsin. Don't know whether anybody of them survived. And there was obviously another immigrant family Hutstein (written Hutstine) in about 1820, too.