Huthsteiner Family


Huthsteiner Family Tree


The Huthsteiner Family Tree is a single page graphical representation of Huthsteiner  relatives dating back to earliest known ancestors (~1680). It is unique in that it can be searched, zoomed in or out, and scrolled to see exactly where anyone resides within the entire ancestral tree hierarchy.


Huthsteiner Family Tree Outline


The Huthsteiner Family Tree Outline has the same data as the Family Tree, but it is in a multi-letter page format that is more legible and printable.


Huthsteiner Family Registry


The Huthsteiner Family Registry lists all Huthsteiner relatives in order of generation. Family Registries provide more extensive information than Family Trees and Family Outlines.


Huthsteiner Family References


2/14/11 - Collaborated with Tim Chapman on

Tim has created extensive Chapman family trees on which include Huthsteiner relatives. Timothy's mother is Jennifer Huthsteiner-Chapman.


Gustave Jacob Huthsteiner

Gustave migrated with his parents, Edward Huthsteiner and Caroline Achenbach, from Prussia to Cincinnati, OH., USA ~ 1862 and then proceeded to Tell City, IN. A couple years later where he married Pauline Carolyn Weber and resided around Tell City, Perry County, Indiana. After his 1st wife's death, Gustave had a 2nd marriage to Louisa Ludwig and had 5 more children.

Gustave Huthsteiner - Indiana History - Zoercher Insurance

Hoosier Beer Story with Gustave Huthsteiner

For photos, refer to Huthsteiner, Gustave on the Photos page.


Eugene Gustav Huthsteiner

Son of Gustav Jacob Huthsteiner, Manager & Treasurer of Tell City Furniture Company

E.G. Huthsteiner - Who's Who in Woodworking


Autobiography written by Louis Huthsteiner Sr. (1950's)

Topics : Childhood in Tell City, College Days, Columbia Law School, Army, Law Practice, Conversion to Christianity, Life on ‘The Eagles Nest’ (Mountain in Catskills, near Hurley/Kingston, NY)


Up The Mountain Road, by Hope Stanton Klee, 1973

Biography of Louis Huthsteiner Sr., illustrated with pictures of 'Brother Louie', Eagle's Nest cabins,

Lomontville church classes and activities, etc.


Letter from E. G Huthsteiner to Louise Huthsteiner (Early 1900's)


Article with extensive information about Walter Fuerst Huthsteiner, ancestors and family.


Huthsteiner Ancestry email correspondence with Josef Hutstein

A distant relative, Josef Hutstein, has been researching 'Hutstein/Huthsteiner/Hutsteiner' surnames for quite some time. We are working together to correct records in cases where we can identify incorrect information. Since Josef is native to Germany, I consider him the authority for Huthsteiner ancestry native to Europe. He has provided interesting ancestry information via email.


Robert Eugene Huthsteiner, Pauline (Polly) Huthsteiner and Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust

After finding internet references to a 'Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust', I did some research and received an interesting email with information about Robert Eugene Huthsteiner and his sister Pauline Huthsteiner founding a 'Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust' in El Paso, TX.