Knauth Family

Relationship to Huthsteiner

The Knauth family is related to the Huthsteiner family through the following marriage :

Louis Huthsteiner, Sr. (1892-1969) & Charlotte Ursula Knauth (1899-1973)


Knauth Family Tree


The Knauth Family Tree is a single page graphical representation of Knauth relatives dating back to earliest known ancestors :


Petrus von Knauth (1509-1595) & Barbara von Triller (1515-1601)


Knauth Family Tree - Outline


The Knauth Family Tree Outline has the same data as the Family Tree, but it is in a multi-letter page format that is more legible and printable.


Knauth Family Registry


The Knauth Family Registry lists all Huthsteiner relatives in order of generation. Family Registries provide more extensive information than Family Trees and Family Outlines.



Knauth Coat of Arms


'Knauth' Coat of Arms


(Origin not known)

'Knauth' Coat of Arms on

'von Knauth - von Triller'

Family Tree (from Dr. Schudt)

'von Triller' Coat of Arms on

'von Knauth - von Triller'

Family Tree (from Dr. Schudt)


Knauth Family Documents and References


2014 : Some 18th-19th c. Knauth History

Interesting history email provided by Geoffrey Knauth and Julie Harrington.

Link to Knauthain castle in Leipzig.

Letter from Carl Gottlob Knauth to his father Abraham Knauth, Altenburg, 5 Nov. 1795

Correspondence from Fanny Steyer regarding children from her husband's 1st marriage.


2014 : Research regarding Clara (wife of Octavio Knauth) and Hildegard Knauth

Clara's family depicted on

Poem and pictures of Hildegard Knauth on

Translation of Hildegard's poem by her great grandson, Felix Lipke.


Registry and Family Tree for ancestors and descendants of Clara Monhard-Knauth's mother (Anna Kropp)

Kropp Family Register 

Kropp Family Tree

2014 : Dr. Schmidt from Germany provided a Document in German regarding Peter von Knauth (& Family)

2014 : Dr. Schmidt from Germany provided documents belonging to Clara Knauth.

Heritage and Belongings of Mrs. Clara Knauth-Monhard

Dr. Schmidt summarizes what he learned about Clara from people who knew her and from translations of the various documents below. He provided summarizes of the contents of the various documents which were mostly hand written in German. I posted the documents so Knauth relatives who can interpret German can enjoy them.


(1)     Prayer Booklet - 1640.pdf - Prayers in elegant and colorful German script with some handwritten notes at the beginning and end.          

(2)     Calendar - American Wonders - 1906 - 1906 US calendar given to Hildegard by Grandmother Knauth

(3)     Knauth - Household Goods (Silver, Linen) - Inventories of goods taken on trips, handwritten in German             

(4)     Knauth, Clara & Hildegard - Journey to Cairo - 1913 - Official ship documents, passenger list, voyage itinerary, menus, accommodations and hand written notes.

(5)     Menucard -  Salon-Dampfer SCHLESWIG - 1913.03.26 - Formal ship menus in German and French

         Menucard -  Salon-Dampfer SCHLESWIG - 1913.03.26 Translated - Same menus with translations

(6)     Monhard, Friedrich - Business Papers - Business Papers handwritten in German

(7)     Monhard, Friedrich - Math Exercise Book - Math Exercise Book with notes handwritten in German

(8)     Notices of Monhard-Kropp, Friedrich & Monhard-Knauth, Clara to Daughter - Collection of notes hand written in German

(9)     Young Indian Girl's Drawings - Imprisoned in Ft. Marion Florida - 1877.04.27 - Writing Book with Young Indian Girl's Drawings - Imprisoned in Ft. Marion, Florida, Died April 27, 1877


2010 : 'Schudt-Knauth Family Tree' and 'Schudt-Knauth Family Data'

Provided by Dr. Ernst-Rainer Schudt, Germany.

These docs are not linked for public access because they contain confidential information for living relatives. Dr. Schudt provided a Knauth family tree and related document with relatives dating back to Petrus von Knauth, born 1509. (My previous Knauth family tree only went back as far as Abraham Knauth, b. 1739.) These documents provided a multitude of additional German ancestors and relatives. They have been combined into my database to create the newer updated Knauth Family Tree that is now available on this site.


Email reference from Dr. Schudt :

The original family tree is handwritten und sometimes not easy to decipher. I don’t know when and by whom it was compiled. The last entries date from around 1880. It was in possession of my grandfather Werner Knauth and then in the possession of my uncle Heinz Knauth. To complete the information which is available to me I attach images of the coats of arms from "von Triller" und "Knauth". They are part of the family tree.

Antonio Knauth - From : ‘Who’s Who in New York’, 1909 Edition


Uhlich-Knauth Letters

A compilation of personal family letters sent to Else Uhlich-Knauth (regarding Antonio Knauth, Else Uhlich, family, acquaintances, business associates, estate at Felseck, Bolton Landing, Lake George, NY, etc.) ranging from late 1800's through early 1900's.


History of Felseck/High Point

Vacation home in Bolton Landing, NY, originally built and owned by Antonio Knauth. Email correspondence between Knauth friends and relatives sharing Knauth family history.


Percival Knauth and Mary Isles Whitman Descendants

Knauth family info web site ( created by Geoffrey Knauth.


Percival Knauth Memoir, by Theodore W. Knauth, 1951.

A wealth of information regarding Percival Knauth and family.


A Banking Retrospect - Seventy Years of Reminiscences, by Theodore W. Knauth, 1959.

This document contains a wealth of very interesting historical information about Knauth Family, friends and associates, World War history and evolution of Knauth banking firms and businesses. Because this doc is so interesting, I extracted the table of contents to entice others to view it : 

I. Franz Theodor Knauth;                  II. Banks and Private Bankers; 

III. A Time Between Great Wars;     IV. The Foreign Exchange Business; 

V. Leipzig and the Saxons;               VI. New York in the 1850's; 
VII. What the War Did;                      VIII. Wartime in Leipzig; 

IX. Two Turning Points;                      X. The End of the War; 

XI. What Happened to the Firm; 

Knauth - Storrow related correspondence with Eugene Leache of Massachusetts.

Eugene is a descendant of the Storrow family. He provided knowledge of the five Samuel Storrows extant in the 19th century, but the Storrow family has very little information about Samuel "the merchant", other than he died in Liepzig.


Susanne Dunbar-Barrymore has done extensive Knauth family research which she has shared for this site. Susanne is also a talented artist that specializes in Oriental scrolls. You can see and learn more about her works at 'Oriental Scrolls by Susanne Barrymore'. Susanne's husband, Carroll, is also a talented artist who specializes in ceramics. There is a picture on Susanne's web site home page with Susanne and Carroll depicting their studio with some of Carroll's ceramics.


Susanne Knauth-Langer : A wealth of information can be found on the internet.


She was an American philosopher of art, best known for her 1942 book Philosophy in a New Key.

Here are a couple of sites dedicated to her memory and contributions.

Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame - "Philosopher"


Biographical essay, "Susanne K. Langer," by Donald Dryden, published in the  Dictionary of Literary Biography: Vol. 270. American Philosophers Before 1950, edited by Philip B. Dematteis and Leemon B. McHenry (Farmington Hills, Michigan: Gale, 2003), pp. 189-199);


Susanne K. Knauth-Langer biographical research and email correspondence by Donald Dryden,

Department of Philosophy, Duke University, 201 West Duke Bldg., Box 90743, Durham, NC  27708,

Since Donald has been conducting biographical research on Susanne for years, I consider him an authority for information regarding Susanne. He has provided some informational references via email.