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Felseck, Antonio Knauth's vacation home in Bolton Landing on Lake George, NY


Felseck was the name given to an estate built by Antonio Knauth in 1896-1897 on Lake George, NY.  Felseck was a popular focal point for decades of vacations, weddings, birthdays and holiday events attended by Knauth relatives and friends.

Note from Susanne Barrymore : Fels is rock, and eck is corner, and for those who know the place, you will remember that the granite behind the house was cut to create more space, creating a "corner in the rock".  Percival's house next door, to the south of Felseck, was Waldeck - corner in the woods.

For more on Waldeck, go to 'W' on this page.


More Felseck references :

Pictures : Louis Huthsteiner Sr. and Charlotte Ursula Knauth - Wedding at Felseck - 1918

Felseck/High Point correspondence with Knauth family and friends

There are many references to Felseck in Uhlich-Knauth Letters

Historic pictures of Felseck





Recent pictures of Felseck (Courtesy of Peter Cossman - 2008)





Huthsteiner, Carl Jay  

Birth: Nov 17, 1921; 4 am. at Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, NY

Parents: Louis Huthsteiner Sr. and Charlotte Ursula Knauth 

Service: US Air Force, WW II

Marriage: Leah Robbins, m. 1948

Children: James Tilyou/Huthsteiner (Leah's son from 1st Marriage), Jay, Peter, Theodore, Bonnie

Schools : Grammar School, Hurley, NY; High School, Kingston, NY; Cornell University, Ithaca, NY - BS Agriculture, 1948

Occupations: Agricultural Engineer, Social Services, Sales, Owner/Manager - Meat Products Store

Death: April 16, 1999, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Carl and his brothers were raised in Hurley, NY. on a mountain called 'The Eagle's Nest'.

He joined the US Air Force during WW II on Aug 22, 1942. Basic Training - Long Island and Miami; Aerial Photography - Lowrey Field, Colorado; May 1943 - Bomber Squadron Field Photo Lab - McDill Field, Tampa, FA; Signal Corp/Communications School - Michigan State; Fort Dix, NJ; Discharged Apr 6, 1945.

Carl went to college at Cornell, Ithaca NY, 1941-1942 before Air Force, 1946-1948 after Air Force.

Carl married Leah and initially lived in Eden NY. After children were born, he moved with the family to Albion, NY, (~1953) where children were raised. He initially worked for Hunt's Ketchup Company as an Agricultural Engineer (1953-1962). He left the company when the industry transitioned to 7 day continuous operations because his religious convictions conflicted with working on Sundays. Then he worked in a variety of occupations such as Social Services (1962-1969), Duffy Mott's Inc. and sales. After children grew up, Carl and Leah moved to West Palm Beach, FA (early 1970's). Carl bought and operated a Meat Products Store for a number of years and lived there with his wife, Leah, until he died.


Carl had an interest in family genealogy and conducted extensive research manually, without computers. After his death, Leah moved back to Albion, NY. to be closer to children and friends. Carl's extensive genealogy research was later passed on to his son, Ted, who eventually correlated all of his research documentation and created this web site to share with family in his memory.

Carl Jay Huthsteiner and Family


Early years at Eagles Nest, Hurley, NY

1939 Kingston HS Senior

1942 Officer Training - Aerial Photography

1948 Wedding 

Carl's Family in Albion,NY

Leah, Carl, Ted, Jay, Bonnie, Jim, Peter

Carl & Leah

West Palm Beach Home

Background picture looks just like Carl's Father - Louis Sr.

1975 Testing sub in Florida


Huthsteiner, Eugene Gustave Sr.

Birth: Jan 31, 1867, Cannelton, Perry, IN

Parents: Gustave Huthsteiner and Pauline Carolyn Webber

Marriage: Amelia (Molly) Fricke, m. 25 Apr 1893 Cannelton, Perry, IN, b. Sep 1867 IN, d. 1944, bu. Greenwood Cemetery, Tell City, IN

Children: Charles G., Eugene Jr. (Buddy)

Occupations: Banking, Insurance, Woodworking, Tell City Furniture Co. Management.

Death: July 17, 1924; Tell City, Perry, In.; Greenwood Cemetery (Age 57)


E.G. Huthsteiner - Who's Who in Woodworking



Huthsteiner, Gustave Sr.

Birth: April 17, 1844, Siegen, Westphalia, Prussia (Germany)

Parents: Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner and Marie Caroline Achenbach

1st Marriage: Pauline Carolyn Weber, m. Nov 26, 1864 in Cannelton, Perry, In., b. Oct 17, 1843, Luzern, Switzerland, d. Dec 25, 1883

Children: Alfred H. (died at age 9 mo.), Eugene, Ella P., Edward Gustav, Robert Edward, Alfred Jacob, Walter Furst, (all born in Cannelton, In.)

2nd Marriage: Louisa Ludwig, m. Aug 18, 1885, St Louis, MO., died after 1920

Children: Hans, Gustav, George, Louis Sr., Helen (all born in Tell City, In.)

Occupations: Gustave was 1st Head Cashier in a bank. He also held stock in the bank.

Death: Feb 1, 1902; Tell City, Perry, In. (Age 57)

Gustave migrated with his parents from Prussia to Cincinnati, OH., USA ~ 1862 and then proceeded to Tell City, IN. A couple years later where he married Pauline Carolyn Weber and resided around Tell City, Perry County, Indiana. After his 1st wife's death, Gustave had a 2nd marriage to Louisa Ludwig and had 5 more children. After Gustave died, his son, Robert Edward Huthsteiner, moved his step-mother, Louisa and her children to Schenectady, NY, where some of Robert's brothers had moved for employment opportunities with General Electric and American Automotive. Schenectady also offered a good college for the boys and a private school for Helen. This is how the Louisa Ludwig Huthsteiner side of the family became Easterners in NY. Later, Robert Edward Huthsteiner, returned to Indiana.

Gustave Huthsteiner, Representative from Perry County, IN

Mr. Huthsteiner is a native of Siegen, Prussia, where he was born April 17, 1844, but might be almost termed an American, since with his parents he came to Cincinnati, Ohio when only three years of age. In that city he was raised, educated in the free schools, and graduated with high honors at the Woodward High School, of Cincinnati, in June, 1861. He then commenced teaching in the public schools, but his adopted country needing his services he turned away from the schoolmaster's desk and entered the army as a private in the Fifth Ohio Cavalry. Returning afterward to the peaceful vocation he again pursued the profession of teaching for a while. In 1864 Mr. Huthsteiner moved to Tell City, Ind. where he became a prominent and influential citizen. He was elected Treasurer of Perry county for two successive terms Organized the National bank in Tell City and was for three years cashier of the same. The bank was then converted into a private bank of which he is now the manager.

Mr. Huthsteiner is married and has several little ones. He believes in the right of woman to enter into any field of labor of which she is capable, and Mrs. Huthsteiner therefore fills the responsible position of cashier of the bank, and during her husband's absence assumes its entire superintendence. Mr. Huthsteiner is also closely connected with the large manufacturing interests of Tell City. He is a liberal minded gentleman and a Democrat of the progressive order. Personally rather below the medium stature, he bears the distinguishing marks of cultivation and refinement; he has brown hair inclined to curl, a large expressive gray eye, clear complexion, broad brow and finely formed head, a genial and intelligent man who watches faithfully the best interests of his constituents.


Reference :

Biographical sketches of members of the Indiana State government, state and judicial officials, and members of the 51st Legislative Assembly, 1879

Gustave Huthsteiner, his 2nd wife, Louisa Ludwig, children and wives



Huthsteiner, Louis Sr.      

Birth: Oct 4, 1892; Tell City, IN.

Parents: Gustave Huthsteiner and Louisa Ludwig

Marriage: Charlotte Ursula Knauth, m. 1918

Children: Louis, George, Carl

Schools: H.S. Schenectady, NY; Amherst College Class of 1914, LL. B., Columbia L.S., 1916; Columbia U., 1917; Chi Psi. B.S.  

Service: 2nd Lieut. and 1st Lieut. Inf., A.E.F.,

Occupations: General Electric Co., Schenectady; NY sales committee dept, investigating Lawyer Kingston, NY, Counselor, Home Mission, Woodsman

Death: Sep 17, 1969; Kingston NY; buried in Hurley NY

Louis' family resided on a mountain called 'The Eagles Nest' in the Catskill mountains, near Hurley, NY. In his mid life, Louis lost interest as a lawyer and dedicated his life to Christianity and Evangelism. He wrote an unpublished autobiography which included details of his grand father's migration from Prussia to the US. He also wrote of his childhood years, college years, army years, his conversion to a devoted to Christian and later experiences. Hope Stanton Lee and her husband Harold met Louis in his later years and became very dear friends and fellow Christians. Hope was inspired to write a photo illustrated biography of 'Brother Louis' detailing his later years when she knew him and his ventures as an evangelist. Her book was called 'Up the Mountain Road'. Her husband had a few bound copies published. Unfortunately the book was not archived with a major publishing company, so it is  not possible to have more of them published.

More info for Louis Huthsteiner, Sr. is on 'Huthsteiner Family' page.

Louis Huthsteiner, Sr. and Charlotte Ursula Knauth - Wedding at Felseck - 1918
Louis Huthsteiner, Sr. (Brother Louie) - Life on Eagle's Nest Mountain, Hurley, NY.



Huthsteiner, Robert Eugene      

Birth: Nov 24, 1902; Schenectady, NY

Parents:  Robert Edward Huthsteiner and Hedwig Elvira (Hattie) Duenweg

Marriage: None

Children: None

Schools: Listed on internet El Paso High School - 1920/21
Listed on internet as MIT Students, 1925
(Reference :

Occupations: Cummins Electric/Engine Foundation - Diesel-Gas Turbines, Fifth and Union Streets, Columbus, Indiana/Ohio
Incorporated in Indiana in 1954. Aid and support of religious, educational, and charitable institutions.
Officers and Directors: Joseph I. Miller, President; Robert Eugene Huthsteiner

Death: Apr 3, 1953; El Paso, TX

Burial: Both Robert and sister Polly (Pauline) in Santa Teresa Cemetery.

Refer to Huthsteiner Fine Arts doc (on Huthsteiner Family page) for interesting info regarding the establishment of a Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust by Robert Eugene' sister, Pauline (Polly) Huthsteiner.





Huthsteiner, Robert Edward      

Birth: Nov 16, 1871; Tell City, IN.

Parents: Gustave Huthsteiner and Pauline Carolyn Weber

Marriage: Hedwig Elvira (Hattie) Duenweg

Children: Frieda, Pauline (Polly), Elvira, Robert Eugene

Schools & Occupations: :

Rose Polythechnic Memorial Volume
Huthsteiner, Robert Edward, 1893 (Graduation)
Entered the institute from Tell City, Ind., in 1889, at the age of 17, and graduated in the Electrical Engineering Course in 1893. In 1894, was Private Assistant to Professor Gray at the Rose Polythechnic Institute. From 1895 to 1897, Engineer in the Ice Factory, Tell City, Ind. From 1898 to 1903, with the General Electric Company in the Switchboard Department, Schenectady, NY. In 1903 Assistant Manager Switchboard Department, General Electric Company. From 1908 to date (?), Manager of the El Paso Ice and Refrigerator Company, El Paso, Tex. Is a member of the A.I.E.E. and Society of Engineers of Eastern New York. Was married September 19, 1894.


Residence 1880-1890: 213 S 8th St Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.; Resided for a time on Lenox Rd in Schenectady, NY; Residence: 1910 - El Paso, Texas

Death: Apr 3, 1953; El Paso, TX

Burial: Memory Gardens of The Valley, Santa Teresa, NM

Robert E. Huthsteiner Brewery opened in 1894 and closed in 1897 it was open for 3 years. Breweries that are only open for a couple of years like this did not have a long time to produce advertising and collectibles so they tend to be more scarce than breweries with more longevity. As a Pre-Prohibition Brewery, any advertising items or collectibles are likely to be valuable and desirable to collectors as they tend to be hard to find. Robert E. Huthsteiner Brewery was located in Tell City, IN, which only had 2 breweries, so there are not many that that were producing breweriana items. Local collectors may pay a small premium over national or general collectors because of a lack of local items.

Filed 1899, Published 1902
Patent : Synchronizing alternators, by
ROBERT E. HUTHSTEINER, of Schenectady, NY, Association to the General Electric Company, A corporation or NY.
Be it known that L, ROBERT E. HUTHSTEINER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Schenectady, in the county of Schenectady and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Synchronizing Alternators . . .


Huthsteiner, Walter Fuerst

Birth: Sep 23, 1876; Cannelton, IN

Parents: Gustave Huthsteiner and Pauline Carolyn Weber

Marriage: Edna L. Clark

Children: Dorothea H., Clark, Hattie Mae

Occupations: Tell City Banking; Was in banking during the 1929-1933 closings by Roosevelt. The bank recovered eventually, but Walter did not fare well through the crisis. After Walter died, his wife, Edna moved with children, Clark and Dorothy, to Boonville.

Death: 1937; Fairlawn Cemetery, Tell City, IN

References: Article with extensive information about Walter Fuerst Huthsteiner, ancestors and family.


Knauth, Antonio

Birth: Dec 2, 1855, Leipzig, Germany

Parents: Franz Theodor Knauth and Fanny Elizabeth Steyer

1st Marriage: Elizabeth Ribbius Peletier, m. 1884

Children: None from 1st marriage

2nd Marriage: Else Magdalene Uhlich (Grossmama Knauth), m. Nov 1893

Children: Ilse, Susanne Katherina, Berthold A., Charlotte Ursula, Johannes Peter
Occupation: Banker

Death: Dec 3, 1915, Bolton Landing, NY, at Felseck home

Notes: Refer to the Knauth Family Registry (on Knauth Family page) for more information.


Photos of Antonio Knauth, wife, children, relatives, residences and documents






Knauth, Franz Theodor

Birth: 1803, Leipzig, Saxony, Prussia, Germany

Parents: Carl Gottlab Knauth and Wilhelmina Rossmassler

1st Marriage: Adelheid Esche, m. 1842

Children: Johannes, Camilla, Fridolin, and infant that died same year born.

2nd Marriage: Fanny Elizabeth Steyer, m. 1850

Children: Percival, Selma, Manuel, Octavio, Antonio

Occupation: Banker and co-founder of Knauth, Nachod & Keuhne, a German-American banking house.

Death: 1874

Notes : Franz Theodor was born in Gohlis, a village outside the city walls of Leipzig, but not part of the much larger city of today and later went by the shortened name of Theodor Knauth.


Photos of Franz and wife, Fanny



Knauth, Manuel (and wife, children and relatives)

Birth: Mar 14, 1854, Germany

Parents: Franz Theodor Knauth and Fanny Elizabeth Steyer

Marriage: Berta Kropp

Children: Selma, Elizabeth, Helena
Occupation: Banker

Knauth, Octavio

Birth: July 26 1857, Germany

Parents: Franz Theodor Knauth and Fanny Elizabeth Steyer

Marriage: Clara Monhard

Children: Hildegard
Occupation: Banker

Death: 1900

Obituary - Octavio Knauth - Brooklyn Daily Eagle (scroll to bottom of page)

Knauth, Percival (and family, residence)

Birth: Nov 11. 1851, New York, NY.

Parents: Franz Theodor Knauth and Fanny Elizabeth Steyer

Marriage: Mary Isles Whitman, m. Nov 11, 1883 in NYC (Manhattan), NY

Children: Theodore Whitman, Oswald Whitman, Arnold W., Felix and Victor (twins)
Occupation: Banker, Knauth, Nachod & Keuhne German-American banking house.

Death: Jul 17, 1900

Knauth, Percival Roediger (Percy)

Birth: Jun 17, 1914

Parents: Theodor Whitman Knauth and Gabriele Roediger

1st Marriage: Gisele Gries

Children: Peter Gries, Philip Whitman, Alan Roediger, Stephen Alexander

2nd Marriage: Behri Pratt, Dec 1953

Children: Timothy Pratt, Elisabeth Anne

Occupation: Author and news correspondent

Death: Jan 15, 1995, CT

More info : (Obituary, Eulogy, publications)

Knauth, Susanne Katherina

Birth: Dec 20, 1895, NYC, NY

Parents: Antonio Knauth and Else Magdalene Uhlich

Marriage: William Leonard Langer, Sep 3, 1921

Children: Leonard, Bertrand

Death: Jul 17, 1985, Old Lyme, CT


Other pictures of Susanne can be found under her father, Antonio Knauth

Susanne Knauth-Langer References


A wealth of information can be found on the internet by searching on Susanne Knauth or Susanne Langer.


She was an American philosopher of art, best known for her 1942 book Philosophy in a New Key.

Here are a couple of sites dedicated to her memory and contributions.

Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame - "Philosopher"


Biographical essay, "Susanne K. Langer," by Donald Dryden, published in the  Dictionary of Literary Biography: Vol. 270. American Philosophers Before 1950, edited by Philip B. Dematteis and Leemon B. McHenry (Farmington Hills, Michigan: Gale, 2003), pp. 189-199);


Susanne K. Knauth-Langer biographical research and email correspondence by Donald Dryden,

Department of Philosophy, Duke University, 201 West Duke Bldg., Box 90743, Durham, NC  27708,

Since Donald has been conducting biographical research on Susanne for years, I consider him an authority for information regarding Susanne. He has provided some informational references via email.



Monhard, Clara (Knauth)


Parents: Friedrich Monhard and Anna Kropp

Marriage: Octavio Knauth

Children: Hildegard

The Heritage of Mrs. Clara Monhard-Knauth in 1975


As an Assistant in the clinique of dentistry in the University of Zurich (Ch) in 1973-1978 I lived in the house of Mr. Berther in Zürichbergstraße, where I rented one of his rooms. His waitress was Miss Elmer. Both told me that there has been an elderly German lady originally from Leipzig, who lived in a little flat she rented from them and died about 20 years ago. This lady was Mrs. Clara Monhard-Knauth. As there were no testimony, her things were given away - except a little convolute of papers, journals, documents and photos. My hosts offered me to look it up before they would throw it away. I found the material extremely fascinating: A testimony of a typical bourgeois and cosmopolitan life.


Clara Knauth was the wife of Octavio Knauth from Leipzig. They had a daughter Hildegard Knauth. Clara's father was Friedrich ("Fritz") Monhard who came from Taegewil in Switzerland. Her mother was Anna Kropp and her grandmother was Sophie Steinberg-Kropp. Friedrich was a well educated banker (look at his testimony). After Clara's husband, Octavio, died, Clara and Hildegard made trips to-from America and Europe. Clara did an art-historical journey together with her daughter to the Mediterranean: Istanbul, Cyprus, Cairo, Venice (interesting diaries and menu cards).


I am a 70 years old former dentist and am happy to give the material to the family, where it belongs.

Dr. Detlef Schmidt, Germany       8th of June 2014


These documents and other references can be found under 'Knauth Family Documents and References' on the 'Knauth Family' web page.

Clara Monhard-Knauth and Family


Clara Knauth

Clara Knauth

Knauth Family - Christmas in Liepzig

Grossmama, Octavio, Clara & Hildegard

Description of Christmas photo (to left) in German


Diploma or degree earned by Friedrich Monhard in 1847

8-1951 Left to Right -

Anna Monhard, Hildegard Knauth,

Laura Monhard, Clara (Monhard) Knauth

- Zurich

Prayer Book Note about Clara

(in German)

Tagebuchblatt - poem by Hildegard Knauth

Translation by great grandson - Felix Lipke




Stahlknetch, Anna Wilhelmina 

Parents: Heinrich Stalknetch and Anna Wilhelmina Kuhn

Marriage: Gustav Hermann Uhlich

Children: Else Magdalene, Johannes, Thekla, Susanne Katherina, Franz Theodor



Uhlich, Franz Theodor (and wife, Else)

Parents: Gustav Hermann Uhlich and Anna Wilhelmina Stahlknetch

Marriage: Else Woller

Children: Lotte, Grete, Werner, Theodor



Uhlich, Gustav Hermann (and grand-children)

Marriage: Anna Wilhelmina Stahlknetch

Children: Else Magdalene, Johannes, Thekla, Susanne Katherina, Franz Theodor


Uhlich, Johannes (Hans) (and wife, Hanna)

Parents: Gustav Hermann Uhlich and Anna Wilhelmina Stahlknetch

Marriage: Hannah Kaulfers

Children: Hans Gunther, Wolfgang, Arnold, Hasso, Lise Lotta, Harold, Roland

Death: Feb 1934

Uhlich, Thelka (and husband, Julius)

Parents: Gustav Hermann Uhlich and Anna Wilhelmina Stahlknetch

Marriage: Julius Schuricht, m. 1902

Children: Anna Marie, Liesbett



Waldeck, Percival Knauth's vacation home in Bolton Landing on Lake George, NY


Unfortunately, there are no pictures of 'Waldeck' and few references to it in Knauth reference documents, with the exception of the following excerpts extracted from Percival Knauth Memoir, by Theodore W. Knauth, 1951.

With his family established in its city home, Percival's next problem was the summer. Shandaken in the Catskills was given a trial, and then Connecticut, but Bolton Landing on Lake George was the place that best fitted all the requirements. A summer was spent in Villa Mathilde, hard by the old Mohican House. That fall a piece of land was bought, where the road and the lake came together by Artist Brook, with a high sand-bank on which to build a house, and what had been a field around it, in which a second-growth of little pine-trees stood waist-high. Here, in 1892, "Waldeck" was built by Philip Sawyer, of the later famous firm of York & Sawyer. Antonio built its neighbor, "Felseck" a few years afterwards, and further forest land, the "Hinterland" was added, to form a vacation place that was ideal both for children and for grown-ups. Percival loved his wild woods the more because of his own childhood in civilized Europe, the swimming, and the rowing on the lake, and he also took up his riding again on the back roads among the hills. More even than 302 (the primary home that Percival also built - 302 76th St, NYC - illustration under 'K - Knauth, Percival'), "Waldeck" became the family home, planned commodiously from the start for a big family and visitors in plenty. The family migrations in the early summer, and the return in the fall, undertaken jointly with other families, enough to fill a Wagner Palace Car on the Delaware & Hudson, with space on the Albany Night Boat, were an event. With the family away, Percival lived comfortably enough in the deserted city house, and took his holiday in August, the high spot of which was the fireworks display on Mother's Birthday, August 12th. What a day that always was !

Percival died at his summer home, Waldeck, at Bolton Landing on Lake George, on July 17, 1900.