Are you trying to find a relative that might be on this site ?
1st Step

Check to see if you can find who you are looking for in the Genealogy Database Index.

The Genealogy Database Index is a list of all relatives that have been referenced on this site. Father and Mother are included to help identify relatives with different last names. For some relatives, the first or last name are unknown. If they are not in the Genealogy Database Index, then they are not known to this author.

Please feel free to contact the author/webmaster (Ted Huthsteiner) if you would like to add or correct information for relatives. This site continues to evolve with the help of relatives who have provided me with additional information via emails.

2nd Step

If you find a relative in the Genealogy Database Index and want to find them within one of the families listed to the left, you might be able to find them on one of the Family Trees.

You may have to search various family trees if the relationship to one of the families listed is unknown. Descendents with common family ancestries can be found on more than one family tree.

Tip : On huge family trees, (ie. Huthsteiner and Knauth), use the PDF 'Find' feature to locate a relative.

Exception : Individuals who are not direct descendents within the families that are listed might be found in the database, but not on any of the family trees.


3rd Step

For Huthsteiner and Knauth descendents, there is more comprehensive information available on the Huthsteiner Family and Knauth Family pages. The Ancestor Indexes provide some photos (for all related families) and detailed information for some relatives that are not found on Huthsteiner and Knauth Family pages.