Uhlich Family

Relationship to Huthsteiner

The Uhlich family is related to the Huthsteiner family through the following marriages :

Else Magdalene Uhlich, b. Jun 17, 1868, NY; d. Feb 19, 1957, NY

married in Nov, 1893 to :

Antonio Knauth, b. Dec 2, 1855, NY; d. Dec 3, 1915, NY


This marriage is the link that relates the Uhlich family to the Knauth family and later to the Huthsteiner family through the marriage of Charlotte Ursula Knauth to Louis Huthsteiner, Sr.

Uhlich Family Tree


The Uhlich Family Tree is a graphical representation of Uhlich descendents (with birth, death, marriage dates and places for deceased relatives only) dating back to earliest known ancestors. Relatives with common ancestry will appear on multiple family trees while others with different ancestry might only be found on one of the spousal family trees.


Earliest known ancestors :


Gustav Hermann Uhlich

married to :

Anna Stahlknecht, d. 3 Jan 1901


Uhlich Family Tree - Outline


If you find it too cumbersome to zoom and scroll around the graphical Uhlich Family Tree, then you might prefer to view the Uhlich Family Tree Outline. The outline has the same data as the Family Tree, but it is in a multi-letter page format that is more legible and printable.


Uhlich Family Registry


The Uhlich Family Registry lists all descendents of Gustav Hermann Uhlich in order of generation. Family Registries provide more information than Family Trees and Family Outlines. Personal information for living relatives is limited to 1st names only.


Uhlich Coat of Arms



Ancestor-Photo Indexes


The Ancestor Indexes have additional information and photos for some relatives and places of interest that can't otherwise be found in the comprehensive Family Registry documents provided on Family pages..


Uhlich Family References


Uhlich-Knauth Letters

A compilation of personal family letters sent to Else Uhlich-Knauth (regarding Antonio Knauth, Else Uhlich, family, acquaintances, business associates, estate at Felseck, Bolton Landing, Lake George, NY, etc.) ranging from late 1800's through early 1900's.


Brief Family History (from internet research)

Spelling variations of this family name include: Uhlig, Uhlich, Uhlik, Uhlick, Ulig, Ulich, Ulick and many more. First found in East Germany, where this variation of the name is thought to have emerged. Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: Johann Caspar Ulich, who immigrated to Georgia in 1733; Heinrich Wilhelm Uhlig, a German mercenary who settled in Quebec after fighting in the American Revolution.