Huthsteiner Genealogy - Update History

This page is a reference for Huthsteiner Genealogy web site updates.



o Updated Huthsteiner pages & docs extensively per updates received from Josef Hutstein.



o Updated Knauth pages after email correspondence with Christopher Childs - descendant of Franz Theodor & Fanny Knauth.

o Added Christopher lineage to Knauth family tree, etc.

o Added a pic I found of Fanny Steyer to Ancestor Index.



o Added Eugene Gustave Huthsteiner to Ancestor Photo Index

o Updated references to Clara Monhard Knauth in Ancestor Photo Index

o Revised external links that were no longer valid

o Updated or removed files that were 'unlinked'.

o Moved references to other genealogy research sites to Relative Search page



o Posted 'Some 18th-19th c. Knauth History' - email from Geoffrey Knauth regarding Knauthain castle in Leipzig and emails from Julie Harrington about interesting letters from Carl Gottlob Knauth and Fanny Steyer Knauth translated by Harold Bowditch.

o Added wiki references to ancestors on photo index.

o Updated databases per Susanne Barrymore’s email indicating Else Uhlich was born & married in Chemnitz, Germany, not US.

o Added info about Christopher Rutgers Knauth, his 2nd wife and children.

o Added Oswald Whitman Knauth's children - Oliver, Basil & Arnold and their families per email from Mary Field.

o Researched Octavio, wife Clara and daughter Hildegard to clear up confusion with documents that had Octavio, Clara and Hildegard Knauth-Monhard relationships translated erroneously.

Updated and added pics to Clara Monhard in Ancestor Photo Index.

Added references to Clara's family, Kropp family and Hildegard on Knauth Family page.

o Updated databases, indexes, Knauth trees and registries.



o Received email from Detlef Schmidt regarding belongings of Clara Knauth.

o Changed info regarding Clara (daughter, not wife, of Octavio Knauth) and added photos, docs, etc. to Knauth Family References and Ancestor Photo Index.

o Updated database with info provided by Detlef about Peter von Knauth and family.

o Updated Family Index, Knauth & Huthsteiner databases, family trees, registries, etc.

o Added info and photos for Carl Huthsteiner, Robert Edward Huthsteiner, Robert Eugene Huthsteiner, etc. in Ancestor Photo Index.

o Updated the database extensively with dates from gravesite searches, etc.

o Added details from Ancestor Photo Index to notes for relatives in database.



o Received email from Martin, Bultmann Family regarding Camilla Knauth and relatives.

o Updated database, Knauth family tree, registry, references, etc.



o Received Huthsteiner email from Michel Picard, France.

o Researched Huthsteiner ancestry further and found Jacob Huthsteiner and Marie Catharine Schreiber (parents of Georg Freidrich Eduard Huthsteiner) upon finding Achenbach registry web site.

o Found article about Gustave Huthsteiner on web archive and added it to Ancestor-Photo page.

o Updated databases and Huthsteiner and Knauth trees and registries.



o Received email from Julie Harrington (Stephen Pfeiffer's sister) with Knauth-Pfeiffer-Harrington family info.Updated databases, etc. accordingly on 7/13/10. Have not updated site docs yet.



o Received correspondence from Stephen Pfeiffer forwarded from questions to Geoffrey Knauth about coat of arms. Also, some info and web site created by Heiko Goedel.



o Received extensive info from Dr. Ernst-Rainer Schudt (Germany) - Knauth family tree, coat of arms and database details.


o Added info for individuals, Coat of Arms pics, etc. from Dr. Schudt to Ancestor Indexes and Family Pages

o Added more pictures.

o Modified family trees (Knauth done) to fit one page vs multiple pages.

o Modified Huthsteiner Family tree and updated Robert per info added in Ancestral Index from Rose Polytechnic Memorial entry.

o Added Registry docs (omitting living generations) to Hut & Knauth after updating Ancestry Indices to remove redundant Hut/Knauth relative info and copy info from others (non - Hut/Knauth) into database.


o Researched further to alleviate confusion with Robert & Pauline Huthsteiner(s) :


Huthsteiner, Pauline Bertha Barbara

(Family tree shows a sister with same name and BDay, but with different husbands ? - 7/1/14)

Birth: April 6, 1899, Evansville, Vanderburg, IN.

Parents: Edward Gustav Huthsteiner & Dorothea Whitmer

Marriage: Joseph Adolph Harvey Byrd

Occupations: Stenographer

Death: Dec 8, 1933, Tell City, IN


Huthsteiner, Polly   (Removed)

Parents: Edward Gustav Huthsteiner & Dorothea Whitmer

Marriage: Alvey. She left Tell City after husband’s death.


Huthsteiner, Robert Edward

(Conflicting with Robert Eugen as CEO of Cummings Diesel)

Birth: Nov 16, 1871; Cannelton, IN 

Parents: Gustave Huthsteiner and Pauline Carolyn Weber

Marriage: Hedwig Elvira Duenweg

Children: Freida, Elvira, Robert Eugen

Occupation: Engineer, CEO of Cumming Diesel Engine

Residence 1880-1890: 213 S 8th St Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.; Resided for a time on Lenox Rd in Schenectady, NY; Residence: 1910 - El Paso, Texas

Reference :


Huthsteiner, Robert Eugen   

(Conflicting with Robert Edward as CEO of Cummings Diesel)

Birth:  Nov 22, 1902, New York   

Parents: Robert Edward Huthsteiner and Hedwig Elvira Duenweg

Marriage: Polly

Schools: Listed on internet as MIT Student, 1925

(Reference :

Occupations: Cummins Electric/Engine Foundation, Fifth and Union Streets, Columbus, Indiana/Ohio

Incorporated in Indiana in 1954. Aid and support of religious, educational, and charitable institutions.

Officers and Directors: Joseph I. Miller, President; Robert E. Huthsteiner

Death: March 11, 1976, El Paso, Texas, 79950, both Robert and Polly in Santa Teresa Cemetery


o records indicate Pauline was daughter of Edward Huthsteiner & Dorothea Whitmer.

This conflicts with family records & Josef Hutstein's family tree.

o Carl Huthsteiner's genealogy records indicate Pauline Bertha Barbara was daughter of Robert Edward.

o Other sources indicate Robert Edward had a sister named Pauline that established a Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust.

o There may be multiple Pauline's or confusion/errors in records.

o 'Polly ?' listed as wife of Robert Eugene Huthsteiner may also be incorrect. This might be the Polly/Pauline that established a Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust and died in El Paso TX.

o Interesting email about Robert & Pauline from Burton Patterson, Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust, etc.

o Email from Patterson indicates that Robert was CEO of Cummings, neither Robert or Pauline were ever married and that Pauline was Robert's sister and final living relative.



o Updated databases to correct dates (per note from E-R Schudt) and add some info from Stephen Pfeiffer email.

o Generated new tree, outline and registry reports for both Huthsteiner & Knauth.



o Added 'Relative Search' page with Database Index.

o Revised Family Pages



o Synced info on Ancestry Index K-Z to notes in SW database. Started adding new (Schudt-Kanuth) relatives from Database register report (up to 4th Generation).

o Added Relationship Summary page to correlate Huthsteiner to various spousal family links.



o Created family pages for 'Huthsteiner' and 'Knauth' to add and improve access for info that was on other related pages.



o Updated Knauth Family Tree per info submitted by Dr. Ernst-Rainer Schudt, Germany



o Per correspondence from Eugene Leach, Peter Cossman, Mary Knauth Field, Tiffany Diamond

o Updated Knauth Family Tree.

o Added Eugene Leach email correspondence page for Knauth - Storrow info.

o Added pictures of Felseck (from Susanne) on Ancestor Index page.

o Backed up site and removed pages from older design that were no longer relevant.



o Per info from Susanne (Knauth-Dunbar) Barrymore :

o Updated Knauth Family Tree.

o Added Uhlich Family Tree.

o Added Uhlich-Knauth Letters to References.

o Added Percival Knauth Memoir. (Scanned using OCR)

o Added Banking Retrospect (partial). (Scanned using OCR)



o Per internet identity fraud concerns, removed confidential info for all living relatives in web pages and family tree docs. Removed references and links to letters written by living relatives.



o Updated pages with minor corrections and compressed contents of navigational frame.

o Updated Huthsteiner Family Tree for consistency of entries and remove questionable/unreliable records.

o Updated Knauth Family Tree from correspondence with Geoffrey S. Knauth, info from and info found on Geoffrey's web site.

o Added a Pervival Knauth and Mary Whitman web page.



o Started history to track updates.

o Edited entire web site to add and clarify latest info and/or make corrections.

o Updated Site Map to clarify navigational links.

o Updated Knauth Family Tree and Knauth pages per recent correspondence with Donald Dryden researching Susanne Knauth Langer.



o Created Genealogy web site